Security System Design

Meeting Your Needs With Effective Security System Design

At its core, an effective security system design will deter, detect, address, respond to and interdict the threats and risks that disrupt a safe work environment. Our physical security consultants have the in-depth knowledge of current industry standards and options to make sure the security design you get is one that meets your needs – and your budget.

Security system design with BPS

When approached as a stand-alone project, a security-only design protects investments by correctly assessing risk, properly applying available technologies, and considering the lifecycle of those technologies. Let us help you sort through the options to find the equipment that meets your needs and your budget.

Our experience in the industry means you can expect BPS to:

  • Connect you with the technology that is right for your industry, facility, and needs
  • Evaluate installation contractors, using an established process to vet options through background checks and qualifications validation
  • Oversee your system’s installation, commission and closeout, and help develop operating protocols that will ensure you achieve the outcomes you need

Security design in larger projects

No one can afford to make security an afterthought. That’s why BPS is always available to development project teams at each phase throughout the design and development of your security system.

As your partner in security system design, we can:

  • Thoroughly assess risk, properly apply technology, and make the best use of crime prevention through environmental design, or CPTED
  • Identify security needs and develop cost estimates early in any project – giving you greater budget control as well as confidence in the end results
  • Coordinate with a variety of trades, such as landscaping, lighting, networking, door hardware, and electrical specialists
  • Use MasterSpec documentation system as needed
  • Oversee construction administration, commissioning, and closeout services
  • Review security design standards and vendor proposals so you get as much value out of your qualified vendors as possible
  • Manage the complexities of architect-led projects

Protect your investment with the right security design.

Standards and technical review services

As a leader in the security industry, BPS has the most current information on best practices to develop collaborative security standards specific to your facility.

You can be confident that any new facilities will be built with the right security system from the beginning. Existing facilities can be audited to provide you with a “gap analysis” to identify any opportunities for optimization.

With BPS as your consultant, you get the right design the first time 

  • Avoid vulnerabilities that can come from third-party vendors or sub-par installers
  • Achieve consistent results in your security
  • Mitigate any current security shortcomings
  • Plan for available funds to be allocated effectively for upcoming security projects
  • Get an expert’s assessment of contractor options, including background checks and verifying qualifications

Enjoy peace of mind, know that your tailored technology and security operational practices are saving you money through proper training and planning.