Counter-Terrorism Regulatory Compliance

Helping You Cut Through The Red Tape Of Security Regulation Compliance

Whether you are new to regulatory compliance or need assistance maintaining your certification status, our professionals are ready to help. Our experts can guide you through key regulatory processes involving security, from the time you are notified of a regulation, visit, audit, or inspection all the way through to responses, plans, and submittals.

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Food Safety Modernization Act Intentional Adulteration Rule (FSMA IA)

Our team of qualified food defense and physical security experts are eager to help you prepare food defense plans and the food vulnerability assessments, mitigation, training, and plan development required by the FSMA IA rule. 

BPS can prime you for success in addressing the FSMA IA regulations. Our experts can compile and create an IA Rule-compliant food defense plan that includes:

  • Vulnerability assessment for your site
  • Mitigation strategies for your security risks
  • Procedures for food defense monitoring
  • Corrective actions and verification procedures to keep your products, people and processes secure
  • Detailed training plans
  • Records specific to your food defense plan

We will make sure you are well-prepared to take on the FSMA IA rule compliance process. Our team of qualified food defense and physical security experts are ready to help you identify any significant vulnerabilities and actionable process steps as required by law.

Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA)

Whether you need help preparing your Facility Security Plan or are looking for an expert to manage your annual security audit with a Facility Security Assessment, BPS can make your experience complying with MTSA as easy as possible.

As a leader in the security industry having worked extensively with maritime clients, we can streamline your experience with MTSA processes by offering:

  • Expert review of your Facility Security Plan (FSP)
  • Annual security audit performance featuring a “gap analysis” tool to confirm your FSP meets any recent MTSA updates or modifications
  • Documentation management, including letter to the US Coast Guard certifying audit completion
  • Security design and planning to address any challenges or risks in your security program

Our independent security experts can help you comply with recurring MTSA-related regulations such as:

  • Annual Audits
  • 5 Year FSA Recertification
  • Retraining for FSO and Personnel with Security Duties to manage change

The BPS team of professionals is ready to help your maritime facility optimize your regulatory security needs.

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

Having successfully submitted and secured Department of Homeland Security approval for hundreds of documents on behalf of clients, BPS helps you meet DHS requirements to protect chemicals of interest (COIs) against security threats. 

BPS can assess your recurring program requirements such as:

  • Annual Audits
  • 2- or 3-Year Recertification through CSAT
  • Retraining for FSO and Personnel with Security Duties to manage change

We can help you minimize the cost of implementation, simplify the process to save you time, analyze gaps between your COI and assigned tier, train your staff, and more.

America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 (AWIA)

Meeting the requirements for drinking water utilities is nothing new to BPS. Our experienced team can evaluate community water systems of all sizes and provide Risk and Resiliency Assessments and Emergency Response Plans to ensure you comply with AWIA rules.

Vulnerability Assessment

We have conducted security vulnerability and risk assessments for community drinking water organizations from coast to coast large, medium and small.

Emergency Response Plan

BPS helps to ensure your Emergency Response Plan has provisions for an all hazards approach, appropriate scope for hazards and to ensure that your plan includes best practice responses.

Cyber Security Threats and Resiliency

AWIA requires financial systems such as billing systems to be assessed for cyber security threats and resiliency. We utilize assessment methodologies such as ISA/IEC 62443 for cyber threat and risk identification. BPS delivers a strong team of IT security professionals credentialed as ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor, CISSP, and CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals certification issued by ISACA.