K-12 Security Consulting

Ensuring The Safety And Security Of Students And Staff

BPS understands the complex challenges faced by K-12 administrators in ensuring the safety and security of their students and staff

With increasing incidents of violence and crime, it’s more important than ever for K-12 facilities to implement effective physical security measures. We work closely with your administration to understand your unique values and priorities, and develop a comprehensive security plan that fits within your budget. 

We’re committed to providing you with the latest security technology and best practices in the industry. Our team of experts will assess your facility’s existing security measures and provide customized solutions to enhance the safety and security of your school. In addition to a custom designed security program, BPS can also help your administration:

  • Set up a crisis communications protocol, with the analysis and documentation to support a sound District decision
  • Ensure positive outcomes based on existing investments made
    • Effectively managing scarce SRO resources
    • Properly training gatekeepers
    • Ensuring security systems are effective
    • Developing crisis management procedures
    • Developing procedures for visitor management, facility community use, extra-curricular activities, sporting events, and more
  • Assist in the delivery of challenging discussions about the cost, convenience trade-offs and risks of not implementing appropriate mitigation strategies consistent with industry best practices
  • Help secure grants to relieve financial pressure and implement mitigation strategies quickly, articulate your justification of your grant application based on your local threat and risk conditions, and guide your selection of mitigation strategies to be in line with grant funding guidelines

Investing in physical security solutions will give you peace of mind knowing that your school is well-protected and your students and staff are safe.