Security Consulting

Through security consulting we can...
  • Determine if your security program is effective
  • Assist you in complying with regulatory requirements such as FSMA, CFATS and many others...
  • Work on a construction/building security project team for programming or preparation of construction documents
  • Conduct a third party security audit to meet a regulatory or board of directors inquiry
  • Conduct a risk analysis to determine how to prevent criminal or terrorist events before they ever occur
  • Prepare a security training program for your facility security officer or employees
  • Design an access control, intrusion detection or video surveillance system
  • Develop a site security plan
  • Develop an emergency response plan
  • Facilitate a table-top exercise of your emergency response plan for training and continuous purposes

Why Use a Security Consultant

BPS' typical client is not a security expert and relies upon our independent security consultants to identify threats, vulnerability, and risks. BPS' independence assures clients that recommendations will be in their best interests and not based on the hope of a future security system sale. BPS provides clients with multiple options to prevent criminal and terrorist attacks before they occur.

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