Healthcare Facilities Security

Ensure The Safety Of Your Staff And Patients With A Healthcare Facility Security Program

Healthcare facilities require special consideration when it comes to security

Statistics show that violence in the healthcare industry is devastatingly widespread. BPS understands the vast complexity of healthcare safety and can help you to protect your patients, visitors and staff. 

For effective security, healthcare facilities need to be able to control the physical environment. Training is a critical element in reducing the risk of workplace violence and protecting staff. Security staffing is an expensive but critical element to a successful healthcare security program.

WPV Checklist

We’ll design a physical security program that addresses your security needs with key services, including security system design, crisis management planning, violence prevention, emergency preparedness, and more.

A customized security program begins with a security risk assessment that will help us:

  • Identify gaps in your security and find strategies to mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate your current training efforts and enhance de-escalation efforts and response to serious security incidents
  • Conduct studies to properly evaluate staffing levels and staffing types to align security resources with risk

Whether your healthcare organization is large or small, our professionals can help protect you from violence against staff, theft, drug diversion, and other crimes. You have a mission to deliver great healthcare by enabling your staff to provide patient care, not be distracted because they do not feel safe at work. Our security experts are just as committed to helping clients eliminate crime before it happens. Let’s work together to meet both goals.