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BPS has encountered hundreds of persons over the years who have been given physical security responsibility in an organization with little to no training.  Why would you consider investing in physical security and security awareness training for your organization?  We know that practical physical security training is difficult to find.  There are other websites that offer physical security, but a lot of that refers to such federal standards such as Department of Defense, which is a little excessive for the private sector or lower levels of government that may not share the same level of target attractiveness.  Many organizations face the daily threats of workplace violence from patrons who lack civility, are impaired by alcohol or drugs, who may suffer from behavioral health affliction or are faced with terminating an employee and there is fear that the employee may act out and create another news headline.  We also know that many organizations make major investments in security systems and struggle to get the maximum benefits from those investments and systems.  If this is your experience, or something you want to avoid, this web site and training service was designed for you.  BPS training program offer practical guidance to make an immediate impact on your security mitigation strategies.

We welcome you to the home of physical security training.  BPS has developed key training programs to solve problems we have seen our clients struggle with for thirty years.  If you want to get the knowledge of the consultants without paying to have the consultants visit your site, you can sign up for an account and quickly obtain cost effective training.

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In addition to the training, BPS provides offers a premium level offering that supplements the training with downloadable ready to use comprehensive supporting policies, procedures, forms and checklists that correspond with each lesson.  These documents can further help you to more fully implement effective security mitigation strategies to put the training into immediate action and enhance the quality and sustainability of your physical security program.

Our courses are:

Many organizations public and private assign security duties, and typically on a part-time basis. Despite having to wear the security hat, many have never been trained on what it takes to effectively manage a security program.  This is a formula for failure and unknown vulnerability.  Any persons responsible for administering security should be competent on the basis of education, training, and/or experience.  Another source of security leaders may come from law enforcement or the military so if you are retiring from service or just been assigned security duties, then you will want to enroll in BPS’ program to quickly build confidence, competence and document essential security plan elements to protect people, assets and information. (Refer to the Security Focal Point Series of Physical Security Training Modules).

Organizations spend a great deal of money on security technology and often are over reliant on vendors to inform them about their requirements and then to furnish products. What is often lost in all of this is sound design planning, governance over the installation and best practices associated with the operation of the software and hardware. BPS has developed a series of physical security training modules to help clients to get better outcomes of high dollar capital investments (Refer to the PhySec Series of Physical Security Training Modules).

Workplace violence is a significant concern for many organizations. Having to terminate an employee may be the precipitating event which might trigger a violent reaction. Careful planning is required in advance of the termination, on the day or the termination and potentially for weeks and even months after a difficult termination. BPS has developed a comprehensive training module to give you tools and procedures to substantially reduce the risk of a violent outcome associated with a difficult termination. (Refer to the Managing a Difficult Termination Physical Security Training Module).

You might have persons such as receptionists who serve in an important security capacity. Persons serving in such a capacity might encounter a series of challenges such as angry persons, handling sensitive information, managing visitors or even receiving a bomb threat. BPS offers a training program which can build competency and confidence in your front-line staff. (Refer to the Receptionist Physical Security Training Module).

This course provides best practices for protecting employees who may be working alone and covers such scenarios as persons who may be asked to respond to intrusion alarms with the police, first persons to work and persons who work alone as security, maintenance or fire watch personnel.

How to Get Started Today?

BPS is committed to ensure that we are not training the wrong people (e.g., those with ill intentions who may want to learn about how to circumvent security). For that reason, we require that all persons and organizations seeking access to these professional level training programs request access and be screened prior to opening up access to our training library.  We appreciate your understanding and patience while this vetting occurs and we will endeavor to complete this process as quickly as possible.  Some of the training available in our library comes to you at no cost while access to other modules can be purchased.  To request access to the library Register Here.

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BPS will be continuously updating the training materials and offerings, so register today and visit often.  You might also consider registering for the BPS newsletter that that you can stay in tune with new training offerings.  Join Our Newsletter Here.

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