Food & Beverage Security

Delivering Unique Security Plans And Processes For Your Business

Every site in the food and beverage industry can benefit from prioritizing security

Whether managing regulatory issues from the FDA or optimizing your site’s security plans and processes, BPS knows how to deliver solutions unique to your business. Let us help with:

  • Industry-specific regulatory compliance with food defense and food vulnerability
  • Site-specific security optimization for your food or agricultural facility, including security assessment and system design services
  • Crisis planning, including workplace violence prevention and emergency training

Food Defense Experts

Our professionals include those who are FSPCA Food Defense certified and FPDI Trained/Certified in Food Defense, as well as an AIB Certified Food Defense Coordinator and ASIS International Food Defense and Agricultural Security Council member.

Additionally, BPS experts have facilitated many clients dealing with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Intentional Adulteration Rule (IA Rule).

Food & Beverage Security Consulting

Having worked with countless clients in the food, beverage and agricultural industries, BPS is well-situated to deal with the issues that can arise specific to your business. Let our professionals help:

  • Raise security awareness among all your food facility personnel to prevent incidents that everyone wants to avoid
  • Safeguard against brand integrity matters not covered by FSMA’s IA Rule
  • Identify potential enhancements to hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) process flow charts
  • Develop a food vulnerability assessment, complete with mitigation strategies
  • Assess security risks unique to your site, including access points and security training
  • Identify risk mitigation strategies

BPS experts know what steps you can take to keep your food and beverage businesses, processes, people and products safe.