Industrial & Manufacturing Facility Security

Processes And Plans To Respond To Critical Security Concerns Quickly And With Compassion

BPS can evaluate your current security system and process, identify gaps, and implement changes with the biggest impact

BPS understands the unique security challenges industrial and manufacturing sites face. High turnover rates and shift staffing challenges often leave sites especially vulnerable when it comes to keeping employees feeling safe and secure. From temporary employee management to visitor access control, we can help you ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed on your site.

Our industrial and manufacturing clients have relied on us to deliver successful services, including:

  • A security risk assessment to examine if security solutions address the threats identifies in a formal risk analysis
  • Security system design services to evaluate current security programs, identify specific ways to address both known and unknown risks, and offer professional guidance through standards development, vendor selection, and system installation
  • Workplace violence prevention, including plans for threat management teams and intervention practices
  • Crisis management planning, to address situations like active assailants, bomb threats, or civil disturbances that union strikes or protestors can enflame
  • Security training, including creative materials for non-exempt workforce employees without access to email or online learning management systems

BPS works to ensure you – and your employees – have peace of mind knowing you can handle the security challenges that a labor-intensive setting can create.