Oil, Gas & Chemical Security

Prevent And Prepare For The Most Difficult Security Issues

Companies dealing with oil, gas and other chemicals know they are dealing with truly volatile security concerns

From ideological protestors and disgruntled employees to federally mandated regulations, industrial facilities and businesses can face significant security challenges.

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Let our experts help you identify and address pressing issues within the oil, gas and chemical industries. We offer:

  • Security assessments, to identify and prepare for security risks at your sites
  • Security system design, to make sure your technology meets security industry standards and best practices
  • Crisis management planning, to address civil disturbances as well as active assailants and other threats
  • Workplace violence prevention, to establish processes that will prevent crime and make your workers feel safe
  • Security training, to ensure your employees know how to act in compliance with your security program
  • Regulatory program support, to keep your people and products within compliance with security expectations mandated outside your organization like CFATS

Our experienced security professionals know what it takes to keep your business, your employees, your site and your products safe in the face of real threats.