Security Systems Consulting

Corporate SecuritySecurity System Consulting is a process that builds on a series of progressive steps starting with an effective assessment of security risk. Risk analysis identifies project requirements and conceptual security system design. Concepts are applied to your site or facility and additional documentation developed to allow for the installing company to clearly understand the owner’s intent. To be successful, security system designs typically go through specific stages of document development:

  • Programming / Risk Assessment
  • Design concept, AutoCAD drawings and preliminary budgeting
  • Detailed design, preparation of specification, refinement of drawings and budget
  • Development of final specifications, drawings and budget

As an independent security consultant, BPS is not affiliated with any product or service recommended. BPS security system designs are professional, objective and provide clients with the assurance that where technology is used, it will be identified, designed, installed and operated in a manner that optimizes risk reduction and protects your people, assets and information. BPS can design an individual system segment or a fully integrated system that includes all of these.

Security Systems Consulting Process

Security system design teams lead by architects, facility and security managers regularly call upon BPS to provide expert guidance to their security system design process. Only an experienced security systems consultant such as BPS can efficiently and effectively produce the design documentation for an integrated security system, consistent with identified risks. BPS is thorough and can stay with the process from the beginning assessment stage through final system commissioning.

BPS works seamlessly with other trades to ensure the security system consulting process can be implemented with minimal change orders and delays. BPS regularly coordinates with door hardware consultants, lighting, electrical, civil and structural engineers to translate conceptual requirements into constructible designs. Isometric AutoCAD documents elegantly display project details to installers to ensure clarity on the design intent.

Security System Consulting Qualifications

BPS Certified Security Consultants regularly attend industry trade shows and manufacturers’ training to stay current on the next generation of security system design technology so these solutions can be put to work for you.

Contact BPS for detailed information on the different components of our security system design process and to obtain a proposal for service.
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