Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I retain a security consulting firm?

An unbiased firm provides a team of knowledgeable experts to assist management in developing security programs to meet business demands. Such firms also serve as an extra pair of hands to augment your existing in house security resources or to provide speedy resolution to urgent security issues. For organizations without a full-time security professional on staff, a consulting firm can provide security management expertise to solve problems and develop a security program that is right for your company, based on threat. An outside security-consulting firm can often add credibility to security plans while remaining objective in defining solutions.

What value will a security assessment add to my business?

A security assessment should clearly identify threats that present security risks to your people, assets and information. From the assessment, a security plan can be developed (with associated costs) for the management of risk, protection of people, education of employees and protection of facilities. The plan should identify roles and responsibilities in the protection program and have clear linkage to the organization's overall mission.

When purchasing a security system, why not simply hire a company the sells the equipment or security guard services vs. utilizing a competitive bid process?

Electronic security systems and security guard services are expensive. For significant purchases such as this, the procurement process should be managed by a well-written request for proposal. The request for proposal should contain a clear description of what is required within the scope of the project, based on threat. By going to the vendors directly, your ability to have a standard request by which other vendors would also bid would be limited. If quotes are solicited from several vendors, each will bring their own idea on what is right for you and it will be left to you to sort out which bid is most commercially and technically sound. By managing the process through a security assessment and preparation of a request for proposal, all bidders who provide proposals do so based on your terms and against a standard request which is threat based not "sales" driven. The result is a better product at a lower cost to you.