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  • Do you know where your workplace is most at risk for onsite violence? 
  • Do you have the organizational structures and processes in place to recognize and properly address concerns?
  • Have you communicated an effective plan to all key stakeholders?

These are important questions to ask – and to be able to answer appropriately. BPS can help you plan to prevent and intervene in the situations every employer and employee wants to avoid.

Contact us today to learn how to:

  • Meet the requirements of an effective workplace violence prevention and intervention program, according to HR and security experts
  • Implement a permissive culture for “see something, say something” through targeted education of key stakeholder groups
  • Assess threats and determine a proper course of action for response
  • Intelligently establish readiness for an active assailant scenario
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Effective Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace violence can emerge from a variety of sources:

  • outside criminals
  • customers
  • current or former employees
  • domestic violence issues which spill into the workplace
  • even the ideological violence which has started to emerge of late

Different sources of workplace violence require different responses. BPS can help you identify strategies, structures and processes for dealing with each of these effectively and quickly.

We can help you determine intelligent strategies to maintain readiness for a wide range of security crises, including an active assailant. Let BPS security professionals help you prepare responses that will address the most complicated workplace violence scenarios.

Individualized Workplace Violence Prevention Programs

BPS experts consider each workplace as its own site with its own culture. We know it is important to look at the pieces that matter specifically to workers and other stakeholders. Only then can we create the education and security plans that address any threats and risks specific to that site.

Experts at BPS are ready to help you develop an effective workplace violence prevention and intervention program where you:

  • Incorporate best practices and address requirements from both human resources and security experts with a security master plan
  • Ensure your workplace violence prevention policy contains key elements by using best industry practices
  • Teach management teams how to assess threats and determine the right course of action
  • Create a “see something, say something” culture
  • Educate key stakeholder groups about their roles
  • Develop intelligent strategies to maintain readiness for a wide range of security crises, including an active assailant

 Put our security industry expertise to work developing specific security services, such as:

  • provision of policies and procedures
  • threat management plans
  • termination guidelines
  • responding to threats made
  • active assailant response protocols

We also prepare training modules for online learning management systems or can do face-to-face training.

Get started today on an effective violence prevention and intervention program for your workplace. Learn how.

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