Security Threat Assessment

Corporate SecuritySecurity Threat Assessments identify adversary sources that may originate from outside or inside organizations. Outsiders may include:

  • Criminals
  • Terrorists
  • Anti-industry extremists
  • Anti-government groups

Outsiders do not, or should not, have unlimited access to your people, assets or information. Insiders often pose a greater threat because they have unlimited access to personnel, assets and information. Insiders who pose a security threat may include hostile employees, contractors, or employees who are forced into cooperating with a criminal. They may be motivated by greed, antagonism toward their employer, disputes with coworkers, alcohol or drug dependence, or psychological problems.

No security program can be effective (and cost effective) unless it is based on a clear understanding of the threats that lead to organizational risk. BPS proprietary threat assessment methodology provides clients with an expert analysis of potential criminal (foresee ability) or terrorist threats that will help to defend against frivolous claims of inadequate security (premises liability). Without a security threat assessment, clients lack a comprehensive design basis for their security program and are at risk to losing to plaintiffs in court.

Security Threat Assessment Benefits

The need for security is based on an assumption that someone may attack your personnel, assets or information. By taking rational steps to predict your most likely adversaries, you’ll be less likely to waste time or misdirect resources on unnecessary or inappropriate security. Understanding what motivates attackers and how they might attack assets is important to gauge the type of security measures required to deter, detect, delay and respond to security events.

To accurately quantify security risk, a proper security threat assessment is required. The security threat assessment informs the probability of incident occurrence and is vital to an effective security risk analysis.

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