Third Party Security Audit

Corporate SecurityThe third party security audit's primary mission is to provide an independent opinion on an organization's security posture. The security consultant assesses whether the security program is being executed as stated. The security consultants will verify if measures conform to applicable generally accepted industry practices from over thirty governmental / private organizations.

A third party security audit involves having an independent party review a specific process or program against established criteria. Unlike a first party (self) audit or a second party (peer-to-peer) audit, BPS security consultants have no direct or personal involvement with or allegiance to client operations being audited; and can easily maintain an un-biased and impartial mindset in regard to all engagements.

Security Audit Benefits

A third party security audit provides several key benefits.

  • Transfers knowledge to clients enabling you to better protect your people, assets and information
  • Reduces your risk through the application of industry best practices in the audit from over thirty governmental / private organizations
  • Highlights unknown vulnerability – what you don't know can hurt you
  • Provides assurances that the audited entity is taking expected steps to meet organizational and regulatory security requirements

Security auditing / consulting is BPS' core business and we are not affiliated with any product or service recommended. BPS conforms to a strict code of ethics. We have no affiliation and no financial interest in any of the products or services that may be recommended from any audit engagement.

Security Audit Output

BPS provides a report defining baseline expectations of the security program, where it is performing well and gaps in the execution of stated security program expectations. For example in a Marine Transportation Security Act (MTSA) audit, BPS might review the quality and frequency in which personnel entering the regulated facility are being searched by security officers. Gaps in meeting the required percentages of personnel searches or deficiencies in search tactics would be included in our final report.

Whether it's a regulatory requirement (i.e. MTSA) or a Board of Directors query,
BPS can provide a professional security audit for you.

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