Facility Security Assessment - Security Vulnerability Assessment

Corporate SecuritySecurity Vulnerability Assessments are required under the Department of Homeland Security’s Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard (CFATS). CFATS establishes risk-based performance standards (RBPS) for the security of covered facilities. The standard requires covered facilities to prepare a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA), which identifies facility security vulnerabilities, and to develop and implement a Site Security Plan (SSP), which includes measures that satisfy identified risk-based performance standards.

Covered facilities were required to conduct an initial Security Vulnerability Assessment within ninety days of notification by DHS as a covered facility, and to prepare a CFATS Security Plan within 120 days of notification by DHS of their assigned tier. Anyone familiar with the CFATS risk based performance standards (RBPS) knows all too well the effort required to meet compliance.

Facility Security Assessment Qualifications - Vulnerability

BPS board certified consultants have already assisted clients from coast-to-coast in conducting Top Screens, Security Vulnerability Assessments and in the development of their Site Security Plans. (See CFATS under Security Plans). Our familiarity with the security vulnerability assessment process has saved our clients valuable time in meeting this requirement. And our on- the- spot recommendations during the assessment process have resulted in many low-cost security program modifications that instantly provide better protection for their staff as well as their chemical(s) of interest, and result in reduced vulnerability as related to RBPS requirements.

If you have made any material modifications to your site or operations, or are considering making changes, in an attempt to reduce vulnerabilities, BPS can support you in your efforts. Do you have the time to conduct another SVA if required by DHS? If not, BPS is ready to not only assist you in your security vulnerability assessment, but with our experience in conducting an SVA, we are ready to help you reduce your exposures and vulnerabilities.

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