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Security training should be an integral part of any organization’s overall security program. BPS prepares site-specific security training programs in conjunction with company personnel to ensure client focused training. BPS security education and awareness training programs have been provided to all levels of personnel in organizations ranging from municipalities to senior residences; from college campuses to overseas high risk locations.

BPS is not affiliated with any products when rendering security training services. As a result of this important feature of independence, security training programs are developed and delivered in the best interests of the client and not influenced by the hope of a future security system or service sale.

Security training programs and presentations developed and / or deployed by BPS include the following -

  • General Security Awareness for Employees and / or Contractors
  • Security Program and Compliance Standard Requirements
  • Security Personnel Duties & Responsibilities
  • Receptionist’s Role in Security
  • Workplace Violence Awareness for Supervisor
  • Management of Aggressive Persons
  • Personal Safety - Reducing Crime Victimization
  • Travel Security
  • Best Practices in Mail Handling
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Development
  • Specific ERP response training in the following -
    • Active Shooter
    • Bomb Threats
    • Threats by Mail
    • Workplace Violence
  • Protection of Sensitive Information
  • Preventing Laptop Theft
  • Surveillance Detection
  • MTSA - Facility Security Officer Training
  • MTSA – Personnel with Security Duties
  • MTSA – Facility Personnel
  • MTSA – Pier Personnel
  • Alarm System User Training

In addition, BPS has developed a wide variety of client specific security training and tabletop exercises.

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