Security System Design

Security System Design

Our seasoned team of professionals can provide you with a full spectrum of services related to system design:

  • Programming/Risk Assessment
  • Concept Design, Drawings and Preliminary Budget
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Budgeting and Project Justification
  • Specification Documents
  • Bidding services Including Bid Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Construction Administration
  • Training and Documentation
  • Crime Prevention for Environmental Design

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Expert guidance for your security system design process.

Security system design teams led by architects, facility, and security managers regularly call on BPS to provide expert guidance for their security system design process. Only an experienced security system design firm such as BPS can efficiently and effectively produce the design documentation for an integrated security system, consistent with identified risks. BPS is thorough and can stay with the process from the beginning assessment stage through final system commissioning.

Our independence allows us to objectively evaluate security solutions and technology for your organization. The end result is a system that appropriately addresses the risk to your organization and an improved overall security program.

To be successful, security system designs typically go through specific stages of document development:

  • Programming / Risk Assessment
  • Design concept, preliminary drawings and budget
  • Detailed design, preparation of specification, refinement of drawings and budget
  • Development of final specifications, drawings and budget

Security System Design Qualifications

BPS Certified Security Consultants regularly attend industry trade shows and manufacturers’ training to stay current on the next generation of security system design technology so these solutions can be put to work for you.

As an independent security consultant, BPS is not affiliated with any product or service recommended. BPS can design an individual system segment or a fully integrated system that includes:

Business Protection Specialists, Inc. (BPS) was retained to do a design engineering project for a city-wide wireless video surveillance system for the City of Poughkeepsie.

“BPS prepared all specifications, project drawings, cost-estimates and bid documentation. As with many municipalities, our funding availability for the project is limited. To assist us in maximizing our value, BPS value-engineered the design to enable the work scope to fit into established budgets and meet our crime prevention and forensic objectives for City streets, our holding cells and in City facilities. They worked seamlessly with our IT department to ensure that the video management system demands were matched with our network capabilities.

BPS had met all of their contractual obligations and provided superior customer service throughout the project. We would recommend BPS to other municipalities and organizations and we look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.”

– City of Poughkeepsie Chief of Police