Security Plans

Security Plans are an important element of your security program and are increasingly required by government regulation. Accurate documentation of an organization’s security programs and processes is critical. A Facility Security Plan allows an organization to sustain a consistent and reliable security program over time. Consistency and reliability will translate into a more secure workplace. Documentation may take the form of corporate expectations, policies, practices or forms.

Agencies such as the Department of Transportation, US Coast Guard (MTSA), Department of Homeland Security (CFATS), etc. are requiring regulated facilities to implement security plans. Progressive corporate security organizations (corporate security directors) also recognize the need to provide security plan guidance to field locations to ensure consistency of security efforts and to help ease the time constraints of security focal points in the field. Some of the largest companies in the world have called upon BPS to develop site security plans (CFATS), facility security plans (FSP), DOT security plans and non-regulated corporate security plans.

Security Plan Benefits

Accurate documentation of an organization’s security programs, processes, and procedures and documentation of compliance with them, provides three key benefits. Security plans -

  • Lead to institutionalization of security activities for consistency as employees leave the organization. Good documentation is a change management tool and helps effective practices outlast the person who developed them.
  • Increase compliance with security measures. Rules are generally followed more closely when someone is looking and keeping records.
  • Help security staff determine where various security measures may need to be strengthened.

BPS has rapidly and cost effectively written dozens of Facility Security Plans for single sites or multi-site national and international organizations. All BPS plan development team members maintain multiple certifications. This ensures that all team members are familiar with the latest methodologies and most current industry best practices so you can be assured that your security plans are developed using the most up-to-date security processes.

Security Plan Preparation

BPS security consultants answer important questions when preparing your Security Plan:

  • How is security organized?
  • What measures are employed?
  • Who is responsible for execution?
  • What is the employee role?
  • What measures are employed when threat conditions change?
  • What triggers your emergency response plan?
  • How is program effectiveness measured?

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