Security Audit

Security Audit

BPS offers you peace of mind in the following security risk assessment areas:

Corporate Security Consulting
Workplace Risk Assessment
Security Threat Analysis
Building Security Assessment
Site Risk Assessment
Physical Security Survey

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Physical and facility security audits are a low cost, gap analysis of your existing security processes against best practices, and a quick hitting, first step in immediately improving a security program. When conducting a security audit, our independent, board certified security consultants identify a wide array of potential opportunities for improvement by using a thorough, physical security risk assessment checklist that adheres to our proprietary vulnerability assessment methodology.

Benefits of a security audit include:

  • Protection against common security breaches
  • Many weaknesses identified can be corrected on the spot
  • Valuable education and enhanced security awareness
  • Surveys are conducted quickly with minimal interruptions to your operations
  • Cost effective
  • Baseline of your current security profile provided
  • All surveys conducted by an independent board certified security consultant
  • And perhaps the most valuable benefit, peace of mind

Reports are issued within one week of the security consultant’s completion of field work. BPS can quickly address urgent concerns or respond after an incident to identify solutions to prevent recurrence. Our security surveys cover industry best practices from over thirty government and private security organizations including but not limited to ASIS International, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and US Secret Service.