Facility Security Assessments

Corporate SecurityFacility security assessments are much more than the name implies. Depending on need, your facility security assessment of security can be a comprehensive review of your entire risk profile or as simple as a compliance assurance audit of a specific element of your program. BPS’ security consultants address a wide range of client security consulting needs as described below.

Determining how to best protect your organization can best be accomplished using any one of several security assessment methodologies.

Facility Security Assessment Qualifications

BPS has over two decades of experience and on-going training in a wide range of security assessments and assessment methodologies. BPS security consultants maintain a range of internationally recognized certifications. Board certified security consultants are essential to ensure a benchmark of facility security assessments and consulting expertise:

  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP)
  • Physical Security Professional (PSP)
  • Certified Security Consultant (CSC)
  • Risk Assessment Methodology for Water (RAM-W)

BPS typical client is not a security expert and relies upon BPS to conduct facility security assessments to properly assess threats, identify vulnerability and risk, and develop cost-effective security management and design solutions for them. As an independent security consultant, BPS provides objective and professional options for managing security risk. BPS excels in the accurate assessment of threat and security risk, enabling clients to prioritize protection efforts and prevent foreseeable criminal and terrorist attacks before they ever occur. This important feature of independent security consulting ensures services rendered and advice offered is in the best interest of the client and not influenced by the hope of a future “security system” or service sale.

BPS will take the uncertainty out of securing your people, assets and information.
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