Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Threat and Vulnerablility Assessment

BPS offers you peace of mind in the following security risk assessment areas:

Corporate Security Consulting
Workplace Risk Assessment
Security Threat Analysis
Building Security Assessment
Site Risk Assessment
Physical Security Survey

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All organizations face security risks, and owners have a responsibility to limit or manage these risks to a reasonable extent. A security risk assessment focuses on criminal or terrorist adversaries, and is the first step in minimizing the risk of frivolous legal claims due to inadequate security.

In conducing risk assessments for over 20 years, BPS Security Consulting Experts have found companies usually have security programs that are not aligned with risk. Unfortunately, actions are sometimes only taken AFTER a serious security incident occurs. BPS helps companies take action BEFORE an incident occurs by improving the company’s security program with effective means that align the program with the company risks and are consistent with industry best practice.

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Security Risk Assessment Benefits

Conducting a security risk assessment yields many important benefits:

  • Learn where you can be victimized by criminals or terrorists
  • Stage implementation of recommendations at your own pace rather than hastily responding after a security incident
  • Secure funding for security improvements by making a compelling business case. (Management often reacts more rapidly to third party recommendations)
  • Clearly identify what needs to be protected and from whom
  • Balanced solutions between people, procedures and technology
  • Typically, 80% of BPS' security risk assessment recommendations can be implemented without expending capital.
  • Identify emergency scenarios and develop emergency response plans accordingly
  • Defense against frivolous litigation
  • Provide an answer to the question, "Is our security adequate?"

The Bottom Line

Security risk assessments teach companies what needs to be protected and allows them to improve their security program to prevent security incidents.

Security risk assessment reports provide clients with vital information including an inventory of critical assets, threats, vulnerability, current risk levels, recommendations, and risk levels after mitigation.