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"Solutions to 10 Common Dorm Security Challenges" by Frank Pisciotta and Chief Horvath

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Specialized Services for Residence Life

  • Residential life threat assessments
  • Security vulnerability and risk analysis
  • Physical and technical security system assessments and planning to maximize the benefits of this Investment
  • Master Planning and cost estimating
  • Security coordinator job descriptions and training
  • Training of personnel and development of training programs
  • Security system design, bidding & construction administration
  • Formal security program development and staffing projections to support a residence life security function

Security for residence life communities presents unique and complex challenges for colleges and universities. Trends in students such as more at-risk students, complex cases and high parental expectations for safety and security necessitate a fresh look at how security is provided. Residence Life Directors can no longer rely solely on Campus Public Safety and Police to ensure adequate security in residence halls. More and more residence life departments are taking ownership of the security process and BPS is there to help them implement a holistic security program. The process includes starting with the identification of threats, determining the current level of preparedness and developing a long-term master plan to achieve the very best for students and staff of the residence life function who are subject to the same risks as the students if security is not properly structured.

BPS operates on the cutting edge of security and is influencing the higher education community to look at security as a complimentary (but different) function to policing. BPS empowers their clients to develop and sustain a sound approach to securing the residence life community by looking the key areas of exposure both within the residence life community and across campus where other problems may start and be brought into the residence life community. The methodologies BPS teaches and utilizes in engagements ensure that the most important issues rise to the top of leadership’s attention.

You will know what to do in normal conditions, in periods of elevated threat and when crisis strikes. Each residence life function needs to know the difference and how security can be structured in each condition for optimal results.

BPS clients can more confidently represent to parents and campus administrators that security is appropriate, helps to ensure key stakeholders are adequately trained and residence life staff are ready for emergencies that cannot otherwise be prevented. BPS will help to ensure your security program will continuously improve.

BPS experts operate under a paradigm of prevention, have worked in a variety of residence hall environments and have years of experience consulting with higher education institutions to prevent crime across campus. Our experts are ready to evaluate your program and help you make improvements to keep your students safe.

UMass Amherst said this about a recent selection of BPS to assist them with their comprehensive
Residence Hall Security Project:

“Business Protection Specialists has 22 years of experience in this area. These people are experienced and had resources and experience to get on with it promptly.” - Edward F. Blaguszewski.