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Companies dealing with oil, gas and other chemicals know they are dealing with truly volatile security concerns.

From ideological protestors and disgruntled employees to federally mandated regulations, industrial facilities and businesses can face significant security challenges.

BPS can help your site prevent and prepare for the most difficult security issues.

Let our experts help you identify and address pressing issues within the oil, gas and chemical industries. We offer:

Our experienced security professionals know what it takes to keep your business, your employees, your site and your products safe in the face of real threats. We are ready to work for you today.

Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry Security Experts

BPS has worked with hundreds of oil, gas and chemical clients across the United States to address a wide range of security concerns.

We know your pain points, from union strikes and environmental activists to routine security audits and regulatory compliance.

Having systematically and repeatedly evaluated the particular challenges that workplace environments with chemical considerations present, our experts are well-prepared to identify where your current practices might fail and how changes could have significant impacts.

Let us put our industry knowledge to work for you today. Contact us to get started.

Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry Security Services

No company wants to be in the news for a security incident. Our professional services will help you prevent crime before it happens.

We can work with you on critical security tasks:

  • A security risk assessment allows you to measure relative security challenges of your particular environment, identify the highest risks, and prioritize corrections that will have the greatest impact on reducing vulnerabilities.
  • Security system design services help you achieve the outcomes you need to detect, assess, respond to and interdict real risks.
  • Our construction administration and technical review services will give you confidence that contractors will meet your budget and schedule while achieving consistent outcomes.
  • Emergency preparedness services help you determine effective strategies to maintain readiness for crises presented by incendiary activists as well as workplace violence incidents.
  • Security training plan development allows you to make sure your materials include clear instruction and competency assessments for key stakeholder groups, from security leadership and supervisors through to reception personnel, all employees, and contractors.
  • Regulatory compliance services address critical mandates like CFATS and MTSA designed to protect vulnerable resources.

Don’t wait to make sure your oil, gas or chemical facility is properly protected and prepared. Make security your priority. Contact BPS now.

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