Municipal Security

Municipal Security Municipal security risk management is a specialty that enables BPS to effectively protect your employees, assets and information. Among other risks, workplace violence presents a problem at all levels of government including:

  • Upset, angry or disruptive citizens who may pose a threat of physical violence to employees interfacing with the public
  • Violence, theft or sabotage from disgruntled current, former employees and contractors
  • Domestic violence from estranged spouses or significant others that spills into the workplace
  • Targeted threats to judicial officials from diversion clients, probationers, litigants, convicted criminals, family and friends
  • Violence against staff working with mental health patients in crisis

Municipal Security Camera

Bullet proof camera housings in high-threat environment

Municipal Security Concerns

BPS' typical municipal security client is not a security expert and relies upon BPS to properly assess threats, identify vulnerability and risk, and develop cost effective security design solutions for them. BPS provides municipal clients with a variety of services including security system design and implementation, threat assessment, risk analysis, security plan / program development and emergency response for a variety of specialized government facilities.

Municipal clients appreciate BPS' objective evaluation of their facility security needs, which includes identification of threats, vulnerabilities, development of policies and procedures, and overall recommendations to assure the security of the employees, citizens and visitors as well as for the protection of municipal properties and assets.

Municipal Security Experts

Achieving effective municipal security is challenging and BPS has significant government experience meeting these challenges. Municipal buildings must be open and accessible to citizens; which creates security challenges. Government administrators must balance convenience versus security. Enabling community access to facilities and programs has trade offs in the protection of critical assets vital to maintaining the primary government mission - the more convenient and accessible the facilities more potential security risk exists.

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