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From the best practices around de-escalation training and active assailant preparedness to those balancing workplace safety and accessibility, BPS knows the specific security issues faced in the municipal sector.

Our professionals provide important security services for municipal and government clients, including:

Experienced Municipal Security Professionals

For municipalities with critical security questions, BPS is ready to help:

  • How can public buildings remain accessible to citizens while at the same time offering a safe environment to workers and visitors?

As specialists in municipal security, BPS knows that the two key issues of accessibility and security do not have to be mutually exclusive in the government sector. We have worked with countless municipal clients to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities while maintaining a commitment to their public service goals.

  • While rare, active assailants are a factor for municipal governments and some high-profile security events have been associated with public hearings. Have your publicly accessible facilities been properly assessed for how you would respond to an active assailant?

Let BPS guide you through the risk assessment process and help you with workplace violence prevention.

  • If you have employees working in potentially controversial service areas (such as denial of services, taking away services, or giving bad news to constituents), are they properly prepared to de-escalate the situation, and do they know when de-escalation is not going to work?

We can identify any gaps in your security as well as training needed to make your work spaces secure.

Municipal Security Consultant Services

At the heart of municipality security rests the need to protect your employees, assets and information. Whether you are looking to assess real or perceived threats, identify your vulnerabilities and risks, develop cost-effective design solutions, establish a master security plan, implement key training, or launch an effective emergency response program, BPS is available to help.

In particular, BPS can help address the workplace violence presenting a problem at all levels of government including:

  • Upset, angry or disruptive citizens who may pose a threat of physical violence to employees interfacing with the public
  • Violence, theft or sabotage from disgruntled current or former employees and contractors
  • Domestic violence from estranged spouses or significant others that spills into the workplace
  • Targeted threats to judicial officials from diversion clients, probationers, litigants, convicted criminals, family and friends
  • Violence against staff working with mental health patients in crisis

Our independent experts are ready to meet your security needs, including:

Prioritize your security. Learn how BPS can help.

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