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Corporate SecurityIf your organization was originally regulated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, requiring certification starting in 2004, you likely were re-certified in 2009 and are again required to be re-certified in 2014. BPS can assist you with this process through the performance and updates of your facility security assessments and plans. BPS expertise in numerous industries and port security makes us well-suited to assist you not only in meeting the regulatory requirements, but also in bringing you information on the best security practices for your facility.

Facility Security Plan

Facility Security Plans are required under the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) which went in to effect in 2002. Since the inception of the MTSA, BPS has been actively working with regulated port facilities to ensure compliance with the requirements of the act. Since the regulation went in to effect, BPS has helped numerous clients prepare Facility Security Plans to meet US Coast Guard / COTP approval and have conducted annual security audits required to maintain compliance. Clients have experience continuous security improvements as recurring audits (incrementally challenging) have enhanced quality across their entire security program.

Facility Security Plan Audit

Facility Security Plan audits have never been easier! A BPS Facility Security Plan audit and review process begins with a check of the GPO Code of Federal Regulations website to determine if any updates or modifications have been made to 33 CFR 105 that could potentially impact your site. We utilize enclosures (3) and (4) of NVIC 03-03 as a gap analysis tool to verify content of your FSP.

Finally, BPS will randomly select several commitments made in the FSP and audit the performance of the site to ensure commitments made in the plan are being satisfied. BPS prepares all documentation including the letter to the USCG certifying the audit has been complete leaving little for you to do but review the results of the Facility Security Plan audit.

Facility Security Plan Challenges

Many MTSA sites are required to renew their Facility Security Plans and Facility Security Assessments this year. Do you have time to complete your FSA, conduct an audit and resubmit your FSP? The Coast Guard is being more stringent in their reviews of plans this year than were in the initial facility security plan review.

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