Intrusion Detection Systems

Corporate SecurityIntrusion detection systems when properly designed provide an effective safeguard for your site without creating unnecessary false alarms or complicated configurations. An intrusion detection system designed by BPS takes into consideration not just what assets need to be protected but includes a careful analysis of total client need. The system may need to be integrated with a Video Surveillance / CCTV Surveillance system and / or an access control system.

BPS has designed everything from small stand-alone intrusion detection systems to large fully integrated systems required to protect multiple facilities located over large areas. BPS intrusion detection system designers are all board certified which requires relevant security continuing education credits thereby assuring you of our familiarity with the latest technological information and trends.

Intrusion Detection System Principles

Intrusion detection systems can only be effective when one considers the complete cycle of what should happen in the face of a security breach. Keys to effective intrusion detection include:

  • Deterrence
  • High probability of detection (a function of correct device selection and placement)
  • Local audible (i.e. horn or siren) that would serve to scare off unsophisticated burglars
  • Sufficient delay to prevent burglars from accessing (and removing) critical assets before responders arrive
  • An adequate response force (i.e. armed law enforcement) to interrupt the burglars before the crime is complete.

If any of these measures are missing or inadequate in your intrusion detection system, you will suffer a loss in an intrusion.

Intrusion Detection System Users

Intrusion detection system projects require more than designing the technology and installing the products. To be effective, BPS ensures system usage and alarm response guidance meets client need and adheres to industry best practices. A well prepared specification will include a requirement for user training which has not historically been a strong suit of security integrators (refer to Security Training). Absent proactive effort, you could end up with your training being more on system capabilities versus a risk-based / user-friendly training session on how to use the system and deal with any system issues.

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