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Do you want to enhance your campus security? BPS can help with training on specific topics, including racial diversity and cross-cultural communications, advanced campus security officer training, and crime prevention through environmental design. Let our experts help.

BPS is proud to continue our longstanding teaming agreement with higher education security expert and trainer Lee Struble and WSM Trainers & Consultants.

Close up of letters on a campus security vehicle that says Campus Security - Business Protection Specialists

Capitalizing on his 30 years of higher education experience, Mr. Struble teams with BPS to provide clients a full range of security training and consulting services for higher education institutions. Contact BPS now to put the experts to work on your campus right away.

Ask The Security Expert

  • Do you have questions about keeping your employees safe in the workplace?
  • Wondering if your security measures are adequate for your facility?
  • Or perhaps you need help with industry regulatory issues and don’t know where to start?

BPS President and Certified Security Consultant Frank Pisciotta is ready to point you in the right direction.  With over 3 decades of experience in security consulting, Frank has helped thousands of corporations, manufacturers, governments and healthcare facility managers keep their people and products safe.

Frank will personally respond to your questions within 24 hours.  Ask The Expert and start Eliminating Crime Before It Happens.

Campus Security Training Programs

Mr. Struble has developed several campus security training programs and travels throughout the United States providing programs on:

  • racial diversity and cross-cultural communications
  • advanced campus security officer training
  • customer service and advanced communications
  • improving your supervisory and leadership effectiveness
  • current trends and best practices in campus crime prevention
  • crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)

Mr. Struble is a longtime institutional member of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) and served as the chair of the Crime Prevention Committee from 2006 to 2011, winning the prestigious IACLEA President’s Award in 2007. Mr. Struble provides security training and consulting services with the National Crime Prevention Council and through his company, WSM Trainers and Consultants.

BPS can schedule a training session at your site. Contact us today.

Higher Education Security Expertise

Mr. Struble also serves as a key consultant together with the BPS team on higher education engagements such as risk assessments and security technology studies. He ensures that all aspects of security at a university or college are considered:

  • Operational factors, such as workforce analysis, coverage, scheduling, incident management, security management, emergency response planning, and crime prevention
  • Law enforcement, in terms of training, hiring, coordination of services with local law enforcement and campus police, credentialing of officers
  • Residential and campus concerns including facility security assessments, technology improvements, incident management, crime prevention through environmental design
  • Technical and systems issues, through security system concept and full design, cost estimation, technology evaluation, bid issuance and evaluation and construction administration

Ready to put security experts to work for your campus? Let’s get started.

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