Facility Security Assessment

Corporate SecurityFacility Security Assessments focus on terrorist adversaries and are required under the Marine Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA). All MTSA facilities were required to conduct a Facility Security Assessment in 2004 and revalidate that assessment in 2009. MTSA regulated facility owners have a responsibility to comply with MTSA or risk having their facilities closed. The requirements for a Facility Security Assessment are outlined in US 33 CFR 105.305. (Code of Federal Regulations)

Facility owners provide background information to the consultant conducting the assessment. BPS works with your Facility Security Officer (FSO) to conduct the Facility Security Assessment and can provide the mandated training (Security Training). A unique characteristic of Facility Security Assessments is the assumption that MTSA sites are under terrorist threat. Complying with the requirements of the regulation is not optional - the Facility Security Assessments represents a gap analysis.

Facility Security Assessment Survey

The on scene Facility Security Assessment survey is required to verify existing conditions with respect to the security program and validate the effective implementation of security measures provided as background information per the regulation. In a survey, your security program will undergo a 300 point inspection by one of our board certified security consultants covering industry best practices from over thirty government / private security organizations.

As time ticks away in 2009, if you need assistance in getting your Facility Security Assessment and Facility Security Plan revalidated, consider BPS.

Facility Security Assessment Report

Facility Security Assessment reports provide clients with vital information including an inventory of critical assets, consequences, restricted areas, vulnerability, recommendations and documentation that must be included with your Facility Security Plan.

BPS quickly addresses urgent regulatory requirements and can save you time.

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