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Doug Huyck

With more than 40 years in physical security, Doug Huyck is a recognized security expert and U.S. Navy veteran.

Doug has implemented and managed a vast range of security activities and programs, led policy development, licensing, inspections and oversight of regulated facilities and coordinated with internal and external stakeholders on security readiness and implementation, including briefing members of Congress on security.

Pulling from his 17 years with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) and 23 years at commercial nuclear power plants, Doug brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to BPS through successful development, implementation, and oversight of security programs and processes, problem identification and root cause resolution, human capital management, budget formulation and execution, personnel training and development, and mentorship. He proudly maintained his National Security Clearance from his time in the Navy and at the USNRC.

Doug is a certified facility security officer trained under the marine regulation U.S. 33 CFR Part 105. He is conversant with conducting audits of facility security plans, vessel security plans and the execution of plan commitments at regulated sites and vessels. Doug has also authorized many facility security plans for industries both regulated and unregulated.

Doug’s dedication to keeping clients safe applies to all private and public sector industries including manufacturing, food production, education, and healthcare.

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