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Covid-19, active shooters, inclement weather…

These are several of the reasons why many organizations are contemplating implementing a crisis alerting or mass notification capability.  The problem is, there are so many companies providing different variations of crisis alerting or mass notification platforms that it might take weeks to sort through even a reasonable number of providers, and then can you be sure that you have identified the ones most qualified to meet your specific circumstances?

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Client Benefits in BPS Led Crisis Alerting and Mass Notification Deployments

BPS has conducted a detailed vetting of approximately 20 of the top “crisis alerting/mass notification providers”. When you retain BPS to help you implement this critical service, you will enjoy many benefits:

  • A significant acceleration of the process
  • Save staff time trying to find and then research multiple crisis alerting/mass notification providers
  • Ensure your needs are compared to top industry providers
  • Leverage existing facility infrastructure to achieve maximum messaging saturation
  • Overcome common communication barriers (e.g., settings where cell phones are prohibited)
  • Maximize the degree to which your staff (key human sensors) can be involved in the program to raise alerts of actual or potential workplace safety and security threats and hazards
  • Directing emergency resources to staff and building occupants (e.g., students) who need them most based on live feedback during a crisis
  • Lowest possible cost, considering the total cost of ownership

Pre-qualify Client Needs

Match Needs Against BPS Crisis Alerting Provider Database

Short List and Facilitate Software Demos

RFP, Bidding and Award

Implementation, Commissioning and Testing/Training

BPS helps you answer the hard Crisis Alerting and Mass Notification Questions:

  • Is Cloud better than an on-premises solution?
  • When do you have to be compliant with NFPA 72?
  • Do you need to pay for premium speed and delivery services?
  • How might it be possible to set up decision-free alerting and notifications?
  • Is Opt-in or Opt-out better?
  • Which companies providing crisis alerting and mass notification best match up to your requirements?
  • Is it possible to achieve high availability irrespective of the system architecture?
Files with tab labed Notifications
  • How do you remain ADA compliant with your crisis alerting/mass notification platform?
  • Is software as a service (SaaS) the only model available for implementing crisis alerting and mass notification or is it possible to make more of an upfront investment and lower operating expenses over the life of the system?

Ask The Security Expert

  • Do you have questions about keeping your employees safe in the workplace?
  • Wondering if your security measures are adequate for your facility?
  • Or perhaps you need help with industry regulatory issues and don’t know where to start?

BPS President and Certified Security Consultant Frank Pisciotta is ready to point you in the right direction.  With over 3 decades of experience in security consulting, Frank has helped thousands of corporations, manufacturers, governments and healthcare facility managers keep their people and products safe.

Frank will personally respond to your questions within 24 hours.  Ask The Expert and start Eliminating Crime Before It Happens.

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