Corporate Security Resource

Corporate SecurityBPS serves as a resource for Corporate Security executives and their team. We know that with limited resources it can be difficult to complete urgent or large project tasks. Our flexible approach allows us to work with the resources you already have and complement them with our expertise. BPS takes a partnership approach in working with Corporate Security in supplying you the expertise, information, and tools you need to complete the project at hand and provide superior services to your internal customers when internal resources may be scarce.

Corporate Security Program Development

BPS has assisted many Corporate Security Managers who do not have the benefit of a staff to develop and implement corporate security framework for their internal clients. Typically, Corporate Security Managers are entangled in the day to day business of directing and may not have the time to devote to the strategic planning activities required to keep the program moving forward and to assist you internal customers at meeting local operational needs.

Security Auditing

BPS conducts security audits for many corporate security departments to assist senior corporate security leadership verify the extent to which critical regulatory (e.g. MTSA, CFATS, DOT) or corporate expectations are being met at the facility level. The key strength in BPS' auditing process is providing facility level personnel with corrective support as part of our audit report. This serves to assist in the implementation of corrective action rather than simply leaving a "to do" list.

Security Systems Consulting Process

Facility and security managers regularly call upon BPS to provide expert guidance to their security system design process. Only an experienced security systems consultant such as BPS can efficiently and effectively produce the design documentation for an integrated security system, consistent with identified risks. BPS is thorough and can stay with the process from the beginning assessment stage through final system commissioning. BPS works seamlessly with other trades to ensure the security system consulting process can be implemented with minimal change orders and delays. BPS regularly coordinates with door hardware consultants, lighting, electrical, civil and structural engineers to translate conceptual requirements into constructible designs. Isometric AutoCAD documents elegantly display project details to installers to ensure clarity on the design intent.

Custom Security Services

The BPS approach is to work with you and your team to determine your specific needs as an organization and structure our approach to be the most cost-effective solution to your organization. We cater our services to our clients' needs to help keep their costs low and the benefits in crime reduction at maximum levels. BPS is a fully independent security consultant and our clients' interest is our number one focus. We have no incentive to make recommendations that would generate future sales such as alarm systems, guard services, etc. We work to stay educated on the latest technologies and vendors and we consistently help our clients save money by focusing on the best overall security solutions for the lowest cost.

"Frank Pisciotta (with BPS) .... performing our annual security audit .... I think this was one of the best audits and learning experiences, in regards to security, I have ever been involved with. Frank was very helpful through the audit with a positive approach to everything we discussed. I appreciate you stretching out for resources (another set of eyes) on this audit as there was a lot of great information brought to the table". – Terra Industries

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