CFATS Initial Phases

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Chemical SecurityCFATS — Have you received notification from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that your site is regulated under CFATS? Within 120 days of receiving your notification letter, you must gather significant data and submit the required site security plan (SSP). The SSP demonstrates your commitment to DHS that you will meet the Risk Based Performance Standards (RBPS) for your facility, though it is unlikely all capital improvements will be made immediately. Implementation of all the programs required by CFATS can be very costly and you will want a consultant who can creatively achieve compliance at the lowest possible cost.

BPS will help you meet short term goals of SSP filing as well as support you through the entire lifecycle of CFATS implementation. Partnering with BPS provides you with the expertise that comes with more than twenty years of chemical security experience. With our assistance, the development process for the required SSP will provide:

  • Technical physical security expertise to satisfy demanding DHS expectations of the online CSAT SSP software
  • Common sense solutions to comply with the regulation
  • A cost estimate with several options for compliance activities

Compliance expertise made simple. CFATS White Paper

CFATS – Key Challenges

There are eight key challenges in CFATS implementation that BPS will overcome for you

  • Cost of implementation – we will minimize the cost
  • CFATS implementation will consume more than 200 hours according to DHS – our 20 years of chemical and security consulting experience will simplify this complex process
  • How do you measure up to the CFATS RBPS? BPS will conduct an initial gap analysis based on your COI and assigned tier
  • Is a perimeter or asset based approach most cost effective – BPS will analyze compliance from both perspectives
  • Should you file a conventional CSAT SSP or an ASP – read our white paper for a detailed analysis of an SSP versus ASP
  • The online SSP does not provide any workable security plan – BPS provides one in our work. See our white paper for a sample plan outline
  • Your site security officer (SSO) may not be a security expert – how will s / he be able to complete the SSP process? BPS can train your SSO or provide expert assistance in developing the SSP
  • There are many types of companies offering services. Which type is best for you? Read our free white paper for a complete analysis of the resources

CFATS Implementation Made Easy

Once you receive your notification letter from DHS, the clock starts ticking. If you are under pressure to implement CFATS, contact BPS to take away the pain of compliance. All BPS personnel are CVI certified. We have experience with numerous SSP’s (in all four tiers) all over the US.

The BPS white paper contains a summary of key challenges, alternate security program options and an implementation plan outline. The paper outlines points to consider when hiring an outside firm to support compliance.

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