Final Stages of CFATS Authorization Approval

Chemical SecurityDHS is moving through their authorization inspections at a fairly efficient pace. If you have not received your notification letter yet, you likely will soon. BPS has been actively involved with our CFATS-regulated clients in preparing for these authorization visits. We have assisted our clients during the visits and have received outstanding feedback from members of DHS regarding the quality of the work products that they have reviewed. In many cases the time on site what cut by roughly 50% as a result of the quality and organization of what they found. Preparing for the visit is no small task. You may not have the manpower to assign to the project. BPS can help.

There are two types of visits. In some cases, if an SSP or ASP (not prepared by BPS) was submitted and shows DHS that there is likely significant vulnerability at that facility, they will schedule a pre-SSP approval visit. If you have received notification by DHS of this type of visit BPS recommends that you engage a CFATS and security management expert to assist you in reviewing the submitted plan in relation to your facility security and planned security. You will need to be prepared to modify your SSP/ASP to meet the risk based performance standards required.

The second type of visit, and more common is the Authorization Inspection. In this case DHS has approved your plan, pending inspection. They have notified you in writing of their inspection. BPS has written a whitepaper, as linked below, to provide you a guide on how to prepare for this inspection. Our experience with our clients and directly with DHS is that they come with a multi-member team over a period of days and very thorough in all items that they review. If you have done very little since the submission of your SSP or your ASP, you may have quite a bit of work to do to get ready for the Authorization Inspection.

CFATS Approval Experts - Inspection Preparation Guide

BPS CFATS experts will help your team prepare for the Authorization inspection in several different ways:

  • BPS is cost-effective in providing the additional manpower necessary to prepare for the inspection without distracting management’s focus.
  • We have had several successful DHS inspections and know what they are looking for and the extent to which it needs to be prepared.
  • With our expertise in developing policies and procedures, security plans and even with security system design and cost estimation, we can provide additional services needed to support the SSP/ASP that DHS will be looking for.
  • If not already accomplished, we can properly train your staff on how to ensure CVI rules are followed around the protection of CFATS information.

Contact BPS today to request information on how we can help you with your CFATS compliance or call (800) 560-2199 ext. 807 to speak to a CVI-Certified Representative to discuss your situation.