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BPS experts are skillful at supporting security needs in the oil, gas and chemical industries.

Whether you are new to the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program and looking for guidance about what you need to do to protect chemicals of interest (COIs), or if you are already familiar with CFATS and are seeking the most cost-effective and efficient approach to implementation, BPS has the experience to help.

Keeping up with CFATS compliance regulations can be a daunting task. Let BPS work with you to assess your recurring program requirements such as:

  • Annual Audit
  • 2 or 3 Year Recertification through CSAT
  • Retraining for FSO and Personnel with Security Duties to manage change

Timing matters when in comes to regulation compliance. Don’t wait to get started on the right track.

BPS has completed SSPs for facilities in all four tiers, and all of the 100 ASPs we have submitted on behalf of our clients were approved by DHS the first time.

Remote Security Audits

BPS has developed a methodology to complete regulatory and other internal security audits remotely in this time of restricted travel movement. Contact us today to discuss a strategy to keep your facilities on track with their audit schedules.

Ask The Security Expert

  • Do you have questions about keeping your employees safe in the workplace?
  • Wondering if your security measures are adequate for your facility?
  • Or perhaps you need help with industry regulatory issues and don’t know where to start?

BPS President and Certified Security Consultant Frank Pisciotta is ready to point you in the right direction.  With over 3 decades of experience in security consulting, Frank has helped thousands of corporations, manufacturers, governments and healthcare facility managers keep their people and products safe.

Frank will personally respond to your questions within 24 hours.  Ask The Expert and start Eliminating Crime Before It Happens.

CFATS Security and Compliance Expertise

Wherever you are in the compliance process, BPS experts know the right steps you need to take next:

  • Recently contacted by the Department of Homeland Security about needing to meet CFATS? Let us work with you to assess your requirements under these regulations.
  • Already completed your Top Screen and now need to submit a security vulnerability assessment or respond to your tier determination letter? Our experts are available to help you conduct and submit your security vulnerability assessment within the required time frame.
  • Expecting an authorization inspection but don’t know how to prepare? BPS has written a guide to making the preparation process for inspection smooth and successful, based on experience with previous clients.

BPS offers clients a professional and personalized assessment of what you need to protect and how best to do just that. Learn how we can work with you.

Security Compliance Consulting Services

We even offer a free whitepaper written by our compliance experts where you can learn answers to critical questions:

  • What are the key challenges to achieving CFATS compliance? BPS can help you minimize the cost of implementation, simplify the process to save you time, analyze gaps between your COI and assigned tier, train your staff and more.
  • How does the alternative security program (ASP) option compare with a site security plan (SSP)? BPS has completed SSPs for facilities in all four tiers, and all of the 100 ASPs we have submitted on behalf of our clients were approved by DHS the first time.
  • What does a typical implementation plan include? Time is of the essence when responding to the DHS, and our sample implementation plan is based on real experience resulting in successful approval.
  • Who is the best type of outside firm to help with compliance activities? When choosing between a security system vendor, a law firm, or other consultants, you’ll benefit from having specific criteria through which to evaluate your options.

BPS has CVI-certified professionals ready to discuss your next steps. Let us know how we can help. Contact us today.

CFATS Resources

The CFATS Knowledge Center is updated with the latest resources including:

  • CFATS-general factsheets (e.g., Authorization Inspection, CFATS Process, Tiering, etc.)
  • Flyers, Quarterlies
  • PSP Toolkit
  • Webcasts and more

Check it out here:

CFATS New Homepage on
We are pleased to announce the launch of CISA’s new website: Visitors are now a few clicks away from chemical security and CFATS information, news, and resources. Ensuring that content is easy to find remains our top priority.

Bookmark their new URLs: and

Chemical Sector Security Summit Presentations
The 12th Chemical Sector Security Summit—held July 16-18, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana—was a huge success. Highlights included keynote addresses from CISA Director Christopher Krebs and Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security Brian Harrell, a demonstration of the CFATS Personnel Surety Program application, an international session on the global chemical supply chain, and an overview of the air domain awareness of unmanned aircraft systems. Download presentations from the Summit:

Are you wondering how you can protect your facility from the threat of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)? This CISA Information sheet has everything you need to know.

Stay up to date on the reauthorization of CFATS by following the hearings before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.
For cybersecurity tips or resources, download the NCSAM 2019 Toolkit. Also, check out the RBPS 8 – Cyber page to learn how to integrate security measures to secure your facility’s critical cyber systems.

Personnel Surety Program (PSP) to be Rolled Out to All CFATS Facilities using a multi-year phased approach. All CFATS-tiered facilities will be required to include measures that satisfy RBPS 12(iv)–screening for terrorist ties–in their Site Security Plan (SSP) or Alternative Security Program (ASP). View more information on new PSP requirements and answers to PSP frequently asked questions. Additional resources can be found at

Information on the longterm CFATS Reauthorization Update

On June 3, 2019, CISA published a Notice of Availability of the Sandia National Laboratory’s (SNL) Redacted Ammonium Nitrate Security Program Technical Assessments Report. This notice solicits comments on the report, its application to the proposed definition of ammonium nitrate as part of the ANSP rulemaking (76 FR 46907), the scientific methodology and test plans SNL employed, technical data generated by SNL and test results, and the factors affecting detonability thresholds. View more details and resource links regarding the safe handling of Ammonium Nitrate.

Did you know CFATS Resources are Being Rebranded? As part of CISA’s rebranding efforts to give products a consistent look and feel, all CFATS resources are currently being updated. CFATS resources that have been updated include:

  • CFATS-general factsheets (e.g., Authorization Inspection, CFATS Process, Tiering, etc.)
  • CFATS RBPS fact sheets

Please visit the CFATS Resources webpage to view these resources, and check back for more updated and new outreach materials you can download and print.

Have you checked to see when your facility last completed an updated or revised Top-Screen survey? For more details and resources view how Top-Screen Re-submission applies to your facility.

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