Video Surveillance / CCTV Surveillance Systems

Corporate SecurityVideo Surveillance / CCTV surveillance systems are effective security measure for many organizations. Functions performed by Video Surveillance / CCTV systems are numerous and must be carefully selected to achieve measurable benefits. BPS considers numerous functions for Video Surveillance / CCTV systems. Risk analysis identifies Video Surveillance / CCTV system requirements and conceptual Video Surveillance / CCTV system design. Concepts are applied to your site or facility and additional documentation developed to allow for the installing company to clearly understand the owner’s intent. To be successful, Video Surveillance / CCTV system designs typically go through specific stages of document development:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Design concept, drawings, budgeting
  • Detailed design, specifications, drawings and budget
  • Final specifications, drawings and budget

Video Surveillance / CCTV System Functions

Video Surveillance / CCTV cameras can serve a number of functions:

  • Deterrence - One function of a Video Surveillance / CCTV system provides deterrence to criminal activity. Deployment for deterrence might include parking or other areas where theft occurs.

  • Forensic - Recorded video from Video Surveillance / CCTV systems is recalled to review events, support investigations and to provide evidence for criminal cases. To avoid financial waste, Care must be taken to ensure recorded video is of sufficient quality to meet forensic objectives.

  • Alarm assessment – Using an active control room, when an alarm is received, pan, tilt and zoom cameras are programmed to slew to a preset location providing control room personnel with the ability to assess conditions, validate threats and communicate information to responding personnel.

  • Supplement Protective Force Patrols - Another potential function of a Video Surveillance / CCTV system is to allow assigned protective force personnel to use the Video Surveillance / CCTV system to supplement roving by surveying areas of sites experiencing elevated criminal activity.

  • Operational Support – Often personnel are remotely admitted into a building or site. When remote admittance is required, Video Surveillance / CCTV systems allow personnel to verify the presence and identity of persons prior to admitting to the building or site.

Video Surveillance / CCTV System Design

Security system design teams lead by architects, facility and security managers regularly call upon BPS to provide expert guidance to their Video Surveillance / CCTV system design process. Only an experienced Video Surveillance / CCTV system design firm such as BPS can efficiently and effectively produce the design documentation for an integrated Video Surveillance / CCTV system, consistent with identified risks. BPS is thorough and can stay with the process from the beginning assessment stage through final system commissioning.

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