Campus Security

Campus security has always been critical but given the current headlines and disturbing frequency of horrific events such as Virginia Tech, this is an opportune time to examine campus security. Campuses increasingly find themselves competing with other institutions for the same students and parents. Perception of campus security most certainly factors into parents’ decision on institution selection. Parents are intensely concerned how campus security will protect their children around campus and in residence halls.

There are three areas where BPS excels in enhancing campus security:

  • Comprehensive security assessments / master planning that provides campus administrators with confidence in campus risk mitigation
  • Security system design – BPS security experts deliver the specialized expertise to your project
  • Emergency response planning – BPS readies staff and students in first response protocols for emergency situations

Campus Security Liability

Campus liability is based on a claim of negligence in the delivery of campus security. Elements of negligence claims include:

  • Foreseeability
  • Duty which is breached
  • Failure to conform to a standard
  • Failure causes injury
  • An actual loss was suffered

The judgment of negligence is based on the concept of reasonableness - defined as "what a reasonable person of ordinary prudence, placed in the same situation, would do."

Campus security literature offers no standard for foreseeability, so courts use security experts such as BPS to examine campus security to make decisions regarding "foreseeable crime", "reasonable standard of care", and "adequate campus security." BPS provides administrators with knowledge to prevent campus crime. BPS’ work achieves this before an incident occurs, though BPS is retained after incidents to prevent recurrence.

Campus Security Experts

Achieving balanced campus security is challenging. Community focused activities are consistent with administrators’ ideal of an open campus. Administrators must balance convenience with campus security. Encouraging community access to campus facilities and programs has trade offs in the protection of critical assets vital to maintaining the primary mission of the campus, and consistent with parental expectations - the more convenient and accessible the more potential campus security risk exists.

Universities are 24 hour operations. Campus security must address a variety of situations – inside and out. No campus security program is complete without an analysis of physical space from a crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) perspective.

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