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  • Has your campus’s security plans, processes, and technology been evaluated within the last five years?
  • Are you consistently applying best practices in all your campus spaces, from residential and lecture halls to community gathering places?

Every campus wants to avoid the tragedies like those at Virginia Tech or Umpqua Community College. Active shooters are an unfortunate reality in today’s world, but so are other security risks.

With over 3 decades of experience in the security industry, BPS knows that the best way to avoid campus security problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Let us help you protect your students, employees, and buildings with important security services, including:

Our experts can help you maintain your campus’s primary mission while still meeting student desires for convenience, parent expectations for safety, and community needs for accessibility.

BPS partners with and relies upon WSM Trainers and Consultants on all types of higher education, racial diversity, CPTED and active shooter training. 

Ask The Security Expert

  • Do you have questions about keeping your employees safe in the workplace?
  • Wondering if your security measures are adequate for your facility?
  • Or perhaps you need help with industry regulatory issues and don’t know where to start?

BPS President and Certified Security Consultant Frank Pisciotta is ready to point you in the right direction.  With over 3 decades of experience in security consulting, Frank has helped thousands of corporations, manufacturers, governments and healthcare facility managers keep their people and products safe.

Frank will personally respond to your questions within 24 hours.  Ask The Expert and start Eliminating Crime Before It Happens.

Campus Security Experts

BPS has helped many large and small campuses develop and implement an optimal security plan while balancing the competing objectives for convenience, safety and accessibility. Let our experts deliver security solutions to your campus, too.

Let us help with your:

  • Campus security master plan, to mitigate security risks across residential spaces, lecture halls, and public gathering areas such as performance spaces and student unions
  • Campus security system design to add technology appropriate for your site’s unique environment
  • Emergency preparedness for worst-case scenarios, like active shooter or civil disturbances
  • Residential hall security
  • Campus security assessment to identify real risks across your campus
  • Higher education security training for staff and students alike
  • Campus security liability based on negligence and foreseeable crime

Want to see our expertise in action? Take a look at an article detailing solutions to common dorm security challenges by BPS founder Frank Pisciotta, CSC.

From residential buildings and lecture halls to performance spaces and student unions, BPS knows how to assess your current risks and create a system that meets your needs. We can help you develop a master plan to mitigate risks, train employees to raise on-campus awareness of how to avoid vulnerabilities, and implement technology appropriate for your site.

Contact BPS today. Our experts are ready to talk with you about evaluating your campus’s current practices, designing improved security systems, establishing better training procedures, preparing for security crises, and much more.


“Wireless Access Control Drives Shift From Traditional Solutions” discusses how cost, flexibility, and accountability have increased deployment of wireless locks and systems – by Frank Pisciotta (Security Technology Executive Magazine, July/August 2020)

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