Building Security Design

Corporate SecurityBuilding security took on a new meaning after September 11th and the Oklahoma City bombing incidents. There is a clear relationship between security and building design and the architect is central to ensuring the right security consulting resources are applied for each project. BPS provides that subject matter expertise to projects from programming through commissioning and turnover. Designing security for buildings requires a proactive approach that anticipates then protects building personnel, assets and information from a variety of criminal and terrorist threats.

There are a number of standards that must be considered in building security design. BPS security professionals are experienced, knowledgeable and capable of preventing security incidents by applying best practices in building security design that are endorsed by over twenty-five governmental and private military and security organizations. This experience assures owners, architects and project managers receive appropriate, proven and cost effective security design input, including isometric AutoCAD drawings and installation typical details.

Building Security Programming

Designing building security starts with understanding the threats and risks to a facility’s operations. There are a variety of security assessment methodologies that can be used to identify security requirements for the owner – however each must identify assets to be protected, threats and consequences of the most likely incidents. Security selection will depend on acceptable levels of risk, the cost-effectiveness of measures proposed, and trade off’s these measures have on the design, construction, and use of the building.

Building security measures require a balance of personnel, physical, procedural and technical security to be effective. These measures need to be refined through all evolving phases of design through turnover:

  • Schematic Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding
  • Construction Administration

BPS is versed in coordinating with other trade disciplines (electrical, door hardware, landscaping, etc.) to ensure construction documents are thorough and accurate.

Building Security Coordination

The design and construction of safe and secure buildings continues to be the primary goal for owners, architects, engineers, and project managers. Every owner wants a cost effective building – and to achieve this, one has to consider the full lifecycle costs of building security.

BPS invests a significant amount of money to stay abreast of emerging technology and manufacturers to ensure clients receive a variety of cost effective options to address building security risks.

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