Active Shooter

Corporate SecurityActive shooters in or near your building is far and away the worst scenario most people can imagine (be they employers, employees, faculty, students, or visitors). Actions taken during the first few minutes of an active shooter occurrence are critical to the outcome of the incident. Knowing and initiating those first critical response reactions can mean the difference between frightened distraught staff and being in the national news for several days.

Active Shooter Preparation and Response

Working with every level of law enforcement from local to federal, BPS has developed a detailed active shooter response protocol that has been instituted in municipalities and higher education across America. As with every response process developed for clients by BPS, our active shooter preparation process is completed working closely with you to ensure a plan prepared with any and all available considerations and / or limitations specific to your site.

Your active shooter response is prepared to include the following considerations -

  • Shooter inside or outside the building
  • Notifying law enforcement
  • Alerting occupants
  • Sheltering and / or escape
  • Post-incident actions

Active Shooter Incident and Law Enforcement

When preparing your active shooter response plan BPS will work with local law enforcement to include information on what your staff can expect when law enforcement responds to the incident. During a high stress situation like an active shooter incident, law enforcement response can seem as scary as the incident itself if personnel are not aware of law enforcement response actions. Knowing what to expect and why, not only helps those in the middle of the active shooter incident, but law enforcement as well.

While statistically remote, a lack of preparation can have devastating results.

Contact or call BPS to ensure you are ready in the event an active shooter incident does occur.
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