Access Control

Access control is a fundamental objective of a security program. Most physical crimes require access to a protected asset thus making access control a high priority. The term access control refers to restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized personnel. Physical access control can be achieved by a person, through mechanical means such as locks and keys, or through technological means such as automated access control systems. BPS works with clients to identify the most effective means for controlling access to protected assets.

Corporate SecurityIn the case of automated access control systems, risk analysis identifies access control requirements and conceptual security system design. Concepts are applied to your site or facility and documentation developed to allow for an installing company to understand the owner’s intent. To be successful, access control system typically go through specific stages of document development:

  • Programming / Risk Assessment
  • Design concept, AutoCAD drawings and preliminary budgeting
  • Detailed design, preparation of specification, refinement of drawings and budget
  • Development of final specifications, drawings and budget

Access Control Design

Access control system design must take into account a number of factors for your facility:

  • Risk
  • Critical assets to be protected
  • Categories of personnel who require entry
  • Credentials
  • Access control system components
  • Access control topology
  • Types of readers
  • Administration and quality control

Access Control Challenges

Access control programs must prevent an intruder from simply following a legitimate user through a door. Often the legitimate user holds the door for the intruder. This risk is minimized through awareness training or more active means such as turnstiles or piggy-backing detection devices. Other methods can be used for high security applications.

Another common risk is from forcing doors open. This is typically simple and effective on most doors. The lever could be as small as a pen knife or big as a pry bar. Fully implemented access control systems must monitor for forced door conditions.

BPS Certified Security Consultants regularly attend industry trade shows and manufacturers’ training to stay current on the next generation of access control technology so these solutions can be put to work for you.

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