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Independent Security Consultant

Business Protection Specialists is a security consulting firm that helps clients assess risk, design, specify and implement the proper state of the art security measures for their facilities. As an independent security consultant, BPS provides objective and professional options for managing security risk. BPS excels in the accurate assessment of threat and security risk, enabling clients to prioritize protection efforts and prevent foreseeable criminal and terrorist attacks before they ever occur.

Security consulting is our core business. Our typical client is not a security expert and relies upon BPS to properly assess threats, identify vulnerability and risk, and develop cost-effective security management and design solutions for them.

Close up of bronze gears that say Security Solutions - Business Protection Specialists

Whether BPS is consulting for a C level executive, a security director or an architectural firm, a key strength is teaching clients things they don’t know about their own security vulnerability – because what you don’t know can hurt you. Clients often experience immediate reduction in risk after BPS starts their engagement.

BPS security consultants are not affiliated with any product or service recommended. This important feature of independence ensures services rendered and advice offered is in the best interests of the client and not influenced by the hope of a future “security system” or service sale. BPS adheres to a strict code of ethics with respect to the performance of their work with clients.

Certified Protection Professionals

All BPS security consultants have achieved board certification in Security Management by ASIS International as Certified Protection Professionals. This is a prestigious accomplishment in the security business, requiring a combination of education, security management experience and a passing grade on an eight-hour examination. The company’s president, Frank Pisciotta, CSC was also the eighth person in the world to achieve the Certified Security Consultant (CSC) designation from the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC). This certification requires significant expertise in security management, technical security and forensic security consulting and requires a passing grade on a 100 question examination. Frank currently serves on the IAPSC Board of Directors and leads their Technical Standards Committee.

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