Food Defense Plans

Food Defense Plans are required under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Food defense differs from food safety. Security measures effective for safety purposes may not be sufficient when considering an act of intentional adulteration (IA). Food defense focuses on protecting the food supply from intentional contamination by criminals or terrorists, using a variety of chemicals, biological agents or other harmful substances. IA is generally considered to be a very low probability and high consequence event. The only remaining variable to control in the overall risk situation is preparedness. FSMA requires a security vulnerability assessment (SVA) to identify actionable process steps and mitigation strategies that must be addressed in your food defense plan.

Risk of intentional adulteration of food is real. BPS can execute an efficient and effective SVA starting with an analysis of your HACCP process flow charts and collaborating to identify points of accessibility and probability of a successful act of IA (which must now consider insiders). A good SVA will leverage existing safety measures and feed into an FDA compliant food defense plan that will also unify other voluntary program requirements such as SQF or BRC. With our assistance, the development process for the required Food Defense Plan will provide:

  • A stronger partnership between security and the Quality Department
  • Potential enhancements to HACCP process flow charts
  • Practical mitigation strategies to reduce the risk of IA
  • Safeguard against brand integrity threats not addressed by FSMA
  • Raise security awareness among all plant personnel

FSMA SVA and Food Defense Planning – How BPS Can Help

BPS will ease the burden of FSMA compliance with over twenty-five years of security management expertise.

  • Complete the SVA process within two to four days and provide leadership with immediate feedback and projected recommendations
  • Unification of FSMA and other voluntary program requirements to make future audit compliance easy
  • Simplify the compliance process and leverage existing safety mitigation strategies
  • Cost of implementation – we will minimize the cost by citing practical measures to mitigate a variety of risks including IA
  • Provide educational materials to help educate employees on your food defense program
  • Provide solid documentation to support the required record keeping component

Food Defense Plan Preparation Implementation Made Easy

The implementation of a Food Defense Plan has never been easier.
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